Management and Supervision  of The Ministries Complex

Year : 2009-2016
Location : Ramallah
Client : Ministry of public works and Housing
Area : 150,000 m2
Project is a new Ministries Complex Project is a public building, containing stories with a total area of 150,000 m2


Design, preparation of tender documents and supervision of “Youth Center - Jenin “

Year : 2015-2016
Location : Jenin
Client : KOICA
Area : 2,800 m2
Multi-purpose youth center contains a theater equipped with the latest audio technology and lighting, multi-purpose halls, a modern gym as well as all the necessary services




Design, preparation of tender documents and supervision of “Palestine-Korea Biotechnology Center Project- Hebron

Year : 2015-2016
Location : Hebron
Client : KOICA/PPU
Area : 2,100 m2
Biological experiments laboratories at the highest levels ((Biosafety Level 2) center consists of a ground floor “administrative one” continued to the University and all other floors are a laboratory accurate scientific experiments and scientific research at a high level. The project is funded by the Korean Agency for Development KOICA and is located inside the campus of the Polytechnic of Hebron University.



Design, preparation of tender documents for AGRO-Industrial Park Administration Building

Year : 2012
Location : Jericho
Area : 1200 m2



Design, preparation of tender documents for OFFICE OF EXCHANGE PALESTINE POST

Year :2012
Location : Jericho
Client : PALTEL Group
Palestine Post
Area :350 m2



Design, preparation of tender documents for Aqraba municipality 

Year : 2014
Location : aqraba -Nablus
Client : United Nation Development Programme
Area : 450 m2



Design of Beit Al Teffel Cultural Center

Year : 2009
Location : Hebron
Client : Private Sector
Area : 1100 m2
This project is one of Beit Teffel cultural centers in the west bank ,includes theater administration rooms cafeteria and all needed services



Design, preparation of tender documents of Tulkarem slaughterhouse

Year : 2011
Location : Tulkarem
Client : Tulkarem municipality
Area : 2000 m2



Jawwal Center Nablus

Location : Nablus
Client : Palestine cellular communications Ltd.(Jawwal)
Area : 1300 m2
Project is the construction, finishing and decorating the administration building of jawwal in addition to a gallery and a very developed reinforcing station , this project is to be considered one of the best interior design projects and electro mechanics executed in Palestine



Design Of Civil Affair Building (Head Office)/ Libya

Year : 2009-2010
Location : Tripoli- Libya.
Area : 5,200 m2