Al-Ameed Architects & Engineers Co. was first known as AL-Amarah Establishment between years 1984 – 1986, later as AL-Maktab EL-Handasi from year 1986 until year 1994.

At 1994 AL- Ameed Architects & Engineers Co. was established to provide engineering services & consultation to the local consultation to provide engineering services and consultation to the local community in the city of Nablus as well as the national community in Palestine. The office was originally classified as an “A-class” office according to the Engineers Association since 1996 the office has been registered in the Palestinian Engineering Association as an Engineering Consultant Office No. 32 in the following specialties:

  1. Architectural Design and Supervision.
  2. Civil Engineering- Structure Design and Supervision.
  3. Mechanical Engineering Heating and Cooling design and Supervision.
  4. Electrical Engineering Design and Supervision.
  5. Interior design and Supervision.
  6. Construction Management.
  7. Project Management
  8. Urban Planning and Design


A-Ameed Architects & Engineers Co. also provides urban studies, management services, technical, economic and financial feasibility studies.

Al-Ameed Architects and Engineers Co. have outstanding and experienced staff.  Most of them are graduates of reputable universities and they have excellent experience in many small and grand scale projects. They are also well trained to design, manage, monitor and execute big projects.

Al Ameed Architects and Engineers Co. will be presented by its owner & General Manger Arch. Marwan Abdul Salam